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Focus on wellbeing

When I started on my new journey back in May, I committed to myself that I’d write a blog post every week as a new habit. Last week I didn’t write one and felt I’d let myself down, but then realised that the other half of that commitment was that the blog was meant to be a reflection on things that surfaced from the last week. And last week I really didn’t have anything to write about, so felt better after that realisation. That, combined with some other things that have happ

Responding versus Reacting

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt a lot about on a personal level in the last couple of years, it’s the importance of responding versus reacting to situations. Unfortunately it’s too often that we react in our lives when something happens, typically because we don’t have the time (or take the time) to think about what’s going on. This happens both in our personal lives as well as in our working environment. Let’s start with thinking about the subtle difference of the two actio

Be Bold, Be Confident

When was the last time you said this to yourself and took action? It’s something I’ve said a number of times this week in some form or fashion. Whether it be to people I’m coaching, family, friends or even myself, we often need to be reminded that it’s ok to be bold and push ourselves. Now I know that this is easier said than done for most of us. But even the most confident people at times won’t really challenge themselves as the confidence often comes from a place of comfort

Importance of P.I.E.

Everyone should like pie, but this one isn’t of the food kind. As I support people through coaching, it’s a topic that more times than not I’ll bring up. Typically, when people are struggling how they can progress in their career or not feeling their contribution is recognised. P.I.E. stands for Performance, Image and Exposure. These are three elements that I believe are fundamental in sustainable career growth. This is not a new model and has been around for a while, with pl

Are you in control?

On a number of occasions this week I’ve ended up talking about this topic of being in control (or feeling out of control). Some people might find the word ‘control’ a little uncomfortable or maybe even negative, so an alternative to consider while reading this is thinking about taking accountability. I had a conversation with a talented individual that I used to work with and have coached on and off over the last 10 years. He’s going through a tough time with his current empl

What are my strengths?

When was the last time you asked yourself that question? Do you know what your strengths are and do you play to them? This is another topic that’s come up in the last couple of weeks in my coaching work and something I’ve come to understand more about over the years. Which is that we typically don’t dedicate the time we should to leveraging and developing our strengths. We’ve been ‘trained’ to apply energy to development needs also. My personal opinion is that this starts off

Characteristics of leadership

In my post last week, I talked a little about the role of a leader in relation to engaging with employees to both communicate the strategy and direction of the organisation, as well as to understand what the individuals own strategy and purpose is. In the coaching and consulting work I’m currently doing, I’m finding myself talking about purpose a lot, but also using some of my leadership ‘muscles’, especially as the people I’m working with don't actually report to me. As I lo

Are you engaged?

No, I don’t mean in the getting married sense of the word, but rather are you engaged in the activities you are doing, especially in the work environment (but just as much applies personally). Employee engagement is one of those topics that is always high on the agenda for companies, but often left to the HR function to drive. Often organisations rely on employee engagement surveys to give them an idea of how things are in each department by asking a set of questions that lea

Importance of the Big Rocks

Overall this has been a really good week, feeling not only motivated, but also quite peaceful and centered. And while I wasn’t wondering why I was feeling that way, a conversation with very inspiring lady yesterday helped me to realise why that’s been the case. A large part of it relates back to last weeks post on Personal Values. But equally it’s because I feel that this week I’ve been focusing on the things that matter the most to me and not letting ‘noise’ get in the way.

Importance of knowing your Personal Values

In my post last week, I mentioned the topic of Personal Values, something I feel very strongly about. They influence our everyday life, often without us knowing or realising. So what are Personal Values? In my simple terms, they are the things that fundamentally matter to us and affect our emotions, reactions and overall behaviours. They typically have been influenced by our own upbringing, whether there was a positive experience that stays with you or a negative experience t

I love coaching

I was torn on the topic for my reflections this week. Initially I wanted to talk about being bold and being confident, a couple of my core strengths which have really been impacted by the things that have happened to me personally over the last couple of years. But then I realised I couldn’t do that without bringing back the topic of purpose as this last week has really made me validate for myself: What is my purpose? I’ve always been a person with a strong sense of purpose,

Is your life in balance?

I love this picture, not only because of the view, but the memories it brings for me. It's from a meditation garden in Yushien, a beautiful place from our visit to Shimane last year. It was the first day I'd spent alone in Japan, with my daughter heading off to spend the day with friends. Luckily she'd given me enough guidance on how to get there and the important words to use to double check I as on the right bus. It was a boiling hot day, but I spent hours there, walking ar

What's important to you?

So ends the first week of the next stage in my journey and it's been an interesting one. It's been a week of excitement, doubt, apprehension and opportunity. It's funny that for over 10 years I've known that this is where I wanted my path to lead me, but of course I knew there'd be those moments of doubt. You know that voice in our head saying; 'Are you good enough to do this? Will you really be able to make a living from it? Is now really the right time to do this? Do you ha

New beginnings

I was originally going to start this blog by saying that, for the first time in 31+ years I don't have a job, but realised that not only conveys the wrong attitude, but is factually incorrect. I've known for over 9 months that my role at NBCUniversal was coming to an end and wanted to use the opportunity to turn my attention to the coaching/consulting business I setup back in 2008, when I was expecting to be laid off by GE (but never happened). So, the new beginning for me is

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