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Setup in 2008, Coaching for IT had the vision of being the place where professionals and organisations can come to be supported in achieving their goals. Using a values based approach to engaging with clients on a deeper level, the company adopts a 4 stage approach to engagements, with a focus on ongoing sustainability:

  • Creation : setting a vision for the future state

  • Foundation : understanding the here and now

  • Intention : developing and implementing the roadmap to success

  • Transition : ensuring momentum and sustainability


David Gibbons is an innovative and insightful leader who partners with clients to implement effective programs that drive results. He creates solutions that are integrated, smart, and user-friendly. Clients find David understanding, challenging and insightful. David's strong personal values underpin his coaching and engagement approach, bringing humility and authenticity.

David is known as an insightful Executive Coach who believes in helping align the goals of individuals with the needs of their organisations. He founded Coaching for IT in 2008 to enable his passion for individuals, teams and organisations to be at their best.

With 30+ years of senior executive experience, living in 5 different countries, working in numerous Fortune 500 companies, David has led organisations through large scale change projects and in designing, developing and managing high impact performance improvement initiatives, providing organisational design and program implementation.

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