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Importance of the Big Rocks

Overall this has been a really good week, feeling not only motivated, but also quite peaceful and centered. And while I wasn’t wondering why I was feeling that way, a conversation with very inspiring lady yesterday helped me to realise why that’s been the case. A large part of it relates back to last weeks post on Personal Values. But equally it’s because I feel that this week I’ve been focusing on the things that matter the most to me and not letting ‘noise’ get in the way.

Importance of knowing your Personal Values

In my post last week, I mentioned the topic of Personal Values, something I feel very strongly about. They influence our everyday life, often without us knowing or realising. So what are Personal Values? In my simple terms, they are the things that fundamentally matter to us and affect our emotions, reactions and overall behaviours. They typically have been influenced by our own upbringing, whether there was a positive experience that stays with you or a negative experience t

What's important to you?

So ends the first week of the next stage in my journey and it's been an interesting one. It's been a week of excitement, doubt, apprehension and opportunity. It's funny that for over 10 years I've known that this is where I wanted my path to lead me, but of course I knew there'd be those moments of doubt. You know that voice in our head saying; 'Are you good enough to do this? Will you really be able to make a living from it? Is now really the right time to do this? Do you ha

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