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New beginnings

Updated: May 1, 2020

I was originally going to start this blog by saying that, for the first time in 31+ years I don't have a job, but realised that not only conveys the wrong attitude, but is factually incorrect. I've known for over 9 months that my role at NBCUniversal was coming to an end and wanted to use the opportunity to turn my attention to the coaching/consulting business I setup back in 2008, when I was expecting to be laid off by GE (but never happened).

So, the new beginning for me is that my full time job is now as the founder and CEO of Coaching for IT, which you can learn all about at

The last couple of years have been a real challenge for me on a personal and professional level, with so much changing in my life that I never would have seen coming, but with the right support, have realised that all this happen for a reason and the future is a bright one. I've always loved helping and supporting people, mainly through conversation, questions and genuine/authentic interest. So why wouldn't I now take that love and passion into what I do for my work.

On one hand this may not be the best time to venture into something new, but I believe that now more than ever, individuals and companies are going to need the kind of support that I can offer to help them flourish in what will surely be a different world moving forward.

I'll be sharing my thoughts, experiences and reflections of this new journey every Friday and invite you to join me, both for a read and to share your own reflections and comments. Stay safe and be well.

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